Why Do We Do What We Do? It’s All About Service

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Recently, our owner, Jim McDonough, went on “The Check A Pro Radio Show” to talk about why we do what we do. You can listen to this episode here, and it’s worth a few minutes to hear our owner talk about the “why” behind our cleaning services and why we’re so passionate about them.

Why Do We Do What We Do? It’s All About Service

Before we get into our “why,” it’s important to understand Jim’s professional background. He spent 22 years in Army aviation, starting out as an Enlisted Navigator and eventually climbing the ranks to become an Aviation Combat Forensics Officer. This rewarding career in the military gave him the opportunity to serve people around the world.

Veterans Cleaning Solutions LLC is also an organization focused on helping people. We provide a service to other people while making a promise that homeowners will receive phenomenal service and amazing results.

When we built this company, our two owners sat down and started thinking about who we wanted to be, and we wanted to build a different kind of company. For example, we didn’t want to become a business that never answers the phone, and when you leave a message, doesn’t get back to you until 2-3 days later, if at all. We also didn’t want to be a company that didn’t show up on time for appointments or didn’t show up at all.

We wanted to make sure we were completely professional and reliable, and that homeowners felt comfortable around us when we were at their home. Today, customer service training is our #1 training, and while we still focus on the technical aspect of our cleaning company, providing excellent service to our customers is always our top priority.

We’re here to serve, and we want to leave you with a house you’re proud to call home. Contact us today to learn more about our exterior cleaning services and solutions.