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We offer inspection-ready, white-glove cleaning service, just like the military.

Stop pulling up to a home with exterior surfaces that are stained, dirty, and ugly. Give your home a freshening up and boost your curb appeal with our complete house washing service! At Veterans Cleaning Solutions LLC, we’ll make your home and its exterior surfaces look their best with our proven methods, strategies, and solutions. You’ll have a house so clean it will make your neighbors jealous.

House Washing in Enterprise, Alabama

We use several exterior cleaning techniques for house washing that make homes in Dothan and Enterprise, Alabama look their best:


  • Soft washing — Soft washing is the alternative to damage-causing pressure washing. With soft washing, cleaning products are applied with low pressure, so there is no risk of damage associated with pressure washing. In addition, our equipment is electrically powered, so it’s better for the environment and makes very little noise while cleaning. It is:
    • Designed for maintenance cleaning and sanitizing services
    • 100% biodegradable
    • Kills 99.9% of all microbial growth down to the root
    • Lasts 4-6 times longer than pressure washing alone
    • Great for HOAs, multi-family housing and high-density subdivision living
  • Pressure washing — Some situations require a high-pressure solution. Pressure washing:
    • Is designed for heavy or restorative cleaning situation associated with deferred or excessively delayed maintenance cleaning and sanitizing services,
    • Restores concrete and other similar hard surfaces and used in conjunction with the removal of non-organic staining. We use pressure washers for hard surface cleaning only and only when the growth is thick.
    • If we need to pressure wash your driveway, we will always apply our soft washing solution as a post-pressure-washing application to kill all the microbial growth down to the root.
  • Power washing — *Caution* Power washing is used only for the most extreme situations.  Power washing is best for: Paint, Oil, Grease.
    • Power washing is often sold as the “best method of cleaning” when it is often the greatest cause of waste when it comes to time and fuel consumption, noise generation, and excessive water use.

What’s the Difference Between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing?

 A better looking, cleaner home exterior starts with a call to us. Contact us today to schedule your next house washing appointment or to prepare a scheduled maintenance program that will keep your investments in tip-top shape!