How to Avoid Nightmare Cleaners

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Is a Cheap Start-Up Company a REAL VALUE to Maintain Your Biggest Investment?

When it comes to keeping your home maintained, it can be a nerve-wracking experience. Your home is the biggest investment you will likely make in your lifetime, and we understand the importance of hiring someone you trust. However, if you skimp on price, you may also be skimming on the quality of the job, which can be costlier in the long haul.

How to Avoid Nightmare Cleaners

Here’s why hiring a cheap exterior cleaning company for your home can backfire:

  • Risky Practices: Cut-rate companies might skimp on safety measures like ladders, tethers, or proper cleaning solutions. This can lead to injuries for the workers and potentially damage to your property.
  • Lack of Expertise: Exterior cleaning requires knowledge of different materials (siding, windows, decks) and proper cleaning techniques. Inexperienced cleaners might use harsh methods that damage your home’s exterior.
  • Incomplete Cleaning: They might rush through the job, missing spots or neglecting areas that require more attention. You’ll end up with a lackluster clean and potentially have to hire someone else to finish the job properly.
  • Insurance Issues: If the company doesn’t have proper insurance and a worker gets hurt on your property, you could be liable for medical bills.

In the end, going cheap on exterior cleaning might cost you more in the long run due to repairs, re-cleaning, or unexpected liabilities.

Invest in Your Peace of Mind!

When you choose Veterans Cleaning Solutions, you are getting a reputable company. What separates us from the others is that we hire only trained and experienced technicians. Our team uses methods that have been proven effective and safe. All products used for cleaning ensure the job provides a gentle and thorough clean.

Protect Yourself from the Unimaginable!

Why take a chance climbing that ladder to repair your roof? Chances are, the ladder isn’t in top-notch condition, or you’re inexperienced and unsteady. What happens if you slip and fall off the ladder? Now, you have to file an injury claim on your property, increasing your homeowner’s insurance rates. Worse yet, if you are seriously hurt, you will have medical costs and may even miss work!

Veterans Cleaning Solutions is a company that carries full coverage insurance, ensuring your home and the things inside it are covered by an unforeseen accident without damage to your current homeowner’s policy!

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