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You can count on our roof cleaning team to keep your roof in peak condition.

Your roof protects everything you love. When your roof fails, everything your love is put at risk. Because your roof protects your home or business from water intrusion and damage, it is important to keep it in good condition. Our team at Veterans Cleaning Solutions LLC can help you do just that with our expert roof cleaning services.

Roof Cleaning in Enterprise, Alabama

Allowing dirt, leaves, pine needles and debris to linger on your roof or in the valleys will cause it to fail faster, and letting decomposers like bacteria, algae, lichens, or moss remain unchecked will lead to the shortened service life of your roof. By removing debris and destructive decomposers from your roof, our team will ensure the roof remains in proper working condition for many years to come.


The benefits of a clean and healthy roof regime are:

  1. Lower Energy Cost – A bacteria-covered dark roof absorbs more of the sun’s energy, resulting in higher summer cooling expenses,
  2. Healthier Indoor Living Spaces – Clean drives & walkways lead to fewer bacteria being tracked into the home, avoiding dirty grout lines in your kitchens and bathrooms and traffic lanes on your carpeting and area rugs.
  3. Higher Property Values – Appealing eaves and exteriors keep your home’s value high while keeping the bugs and their nests away.
  4. Lower Operating Expenses – Your household will save money as it pertains to reduced deep cleaning expenses and costly premature roof replacements.

For our roof cleaning services, our team uses a method known as soft washing. NEVER PRESSURE WASH or LET A COMPANY PRESSURE WASH YOUR ROOF. We first treat the roof with a custom blend of cleaning agents designed to kill any bacteria, algae, lichens, and moss as well as to loosen the dirt and grime. Once the cleaning solution has had time to do its job, we will rinse down the roof with water to wash all the grime and everything else away. We use less than 60 psi to apply our solutions for roof cleaning to ensure we don’t damage the shingles.

We are proud to serve the communities here in Dothan and Enterprise, Alabama, and we want to help you keep your roof in great condition. Simply give us a call to learn more about our roof cleaning services and how to get started.