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Improve the health and appearance of your upholstered furniture.

Spot cleaning stains, vacuuming dirt and debris, and not eating on your upholstered furniture are all things you do on a regular basis to keep your upholstery looking as close to new as possible. While these efforts have probably made a big difference, you may have noticed that your upholstered furniture has started to look a little less clean and new than when you first bought it.

Upholstery Cleanin in Enterprise, Alabama

Professional upholstery cleaning can drastically improve the way your furniture looks. This service refers to cleaning the fabric, cushions, and other materials that cover furniture, such as ottomans, chairs, and sofas. Our team at Veterans Cleaning Solutions LLC can effectively remove the odors, stains, dirt, and dust that are making your furniture look unattractive and restore its cleanliness and appearance.

We offer upholstery cleaning solutions in the Dothan and Enterprise, Alabama areas, and we’re known for our phenomenal service and amazing results. We use upholstery cleaning methods that get great results so that you can enjoy many years from your upholstered furnishings. Simply call us for a FREE upholstery cleaning quote and schedule an appointment to have your furniture cleaned.


Regularly scheduled upholstery cleaning can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of your upholstered furniture pieces. To get a quote for upholstery cleaning or to learn more about our cleaning process, contact us today.

Be sure to ask about our scheduled maintenance programs for your home or small business. Build it, schedule it, and forget it—we’ll take it from there.