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Here’s an example of a business cleaned with the softwash system. It is now clean and free of the Gloeocapsa Magma bacteria or “black bacteria,” and looks fantastic again.

We Support the Enterprise Chamber


We Support the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce!

We Support the Enterprise Chamber

After a softwashcleaning, the walkways and entryway of the Enterprise Chamber of Commerce office are clean and welcoming to visitors and members.

After a recent Enterprise Chamber of Commerce (ECoC) meeting in February, our representatives noticed the sidewalks in front of the building were in need of a good cleaning after all the winter weather. The Chamber’s walkways and main sign were dirty, and black bacteria was growing on surfaces. So, we dispatched several of our exterior cleaning technicians to provide a courtesy softwash service.

The Enterprise Chamber of Commerce represents the “City of Progress” for business and industry growth. First impressions are important, and having a clean building contributes to their professional image. Thank you for trusting us with your service.

ECoC Member-to-Member Discount Program

The Enterprise Chamber of Commerce‘s Member-to-Member (M2M) discount program is designed to encourage chamber members to network with and use other members’ services. The program gives varying levels of discounts from participating member businesses. Veterans Cleaning Solutions provides a 15% reward on all offered interior and exterior cleaning services to active chamber members.

For more information about this Enterprise Chamber benefit or to become a participant, contact Jennifer Hattery, member services coordinator, at (334) 347-0581 or [email protected].

We Support the Enterprise Chamber

Softwashingquickly cleans all types of surfaces without harsh pressure washing methods.

Now the Chamber walkways are clean and ready for business.

What a Satisfied Customer…

“When Veterans Cleaning Solutions noticed our entrance needed a good cleaning, they graciously sent a crew right over to spruce it up for us! Thank you so much! Fantastic job, as always. It really makes a huge difference when walking up to the building!”

Enterprise Chamber of Commerce

At Veterans Cleaning Solutions, our mission is to provide you with phenomenal service and amazing results. We believe you deserve clean and healthy spaces wherever you live, work or pray!

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