Do Our Exterior Cleaning Methods Hurt Your Plants?

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One of the questions we get asked all the time is whether our exterior cleaning solutions will hurt your plants and landscaping. After all, if our cleaning solutions are tough enough to eradicate bacteria from your home, wouldn’t they do some damage to your lawn, flowers, and plants when we clean?

Do Our Exterior Cleaning Methods Hurt Your Plants?

At Veterans Cleaning Solutions LLC, we recently went on the Check A Pro Radio Show to address this very question. Our owner and founder, Jim McDonough, spent a few minutes talking about our exterior cleaning solutions and what we do to make sure you don’t have to worry about your plants, lawn, and garden getting damaged when we clean your home.

One thing that doesn’t get talked about in the exterior cleaning industry enough is that if you’re using a company that isn’t certified through Soft Wash Systems like us, there’s always a risk that your plants and landscaping could get harmed during the cleaning process. We do our best to cover, dilute, and decontaminate wherever we can, ensuring that your home and your landscaping both look their best when we’re done.

You should also make regular exterior cleaning a priority to make absolutely sure that cleaning your home’s exterior won’t end up damaging your landscaping. If there is a lot of growth on your roof and your gutters are filled with debris, we’ll have to use more cleaning solutions to get a noticeable result, which can put your plants at risk. We recommend having us clean your house every 12-18 months to keep your home looking its best and protect your landscaping.

Make sure you check out this recent podcast episode, and if you have any questions about how we’ll protect your plants when we clean, don’t hesitate to contact us.