Oriental Rug Cleaning, Dothan, AL

Transforming Your Oriental Rugs To Radiant Beauty!

Our oriental rug cleaning process focuses on attention to detail to ensure your rug looks its best.

Oriental rugs are more than just floor coverings. They are exquisite works of art that represent centuries of craftsmanship, tradition, and cultural legacy. Each Persian, Turkish, or Moroccan rug offers a unique tale with its patterns, colors, and textures. However, oriental rugs also require maintenance to maintain their beauty and lifespan, and when it comes to oriental rug cleaning, attention to detail is essential. The good news is that our team at Veterans Cleaning Solutions LLC follows an eight-step process to ensure your oriental rugs continue to look their best in the Dothan, Alabama area.

Oriental Rug Cleaning in Dothan, Alabama

Oriental rugs are often handwoven from natural fibers such as wool, silk, or cotton. The dyes used to create their bright patterns are typically obtained from natural sources, making them prone to fading and harm if not properly handled, which is why relying on a team with experience in oriental rug cleaning is key. In fact, neglecting the unique cleaning needs of an oriental rug can lead to a slew of issues, such as fiber damage and color fading or bleeding.

As part of our oriental rug cleaning process, we assess what materials were used in the making of your rug to ensure we use the right cleaning methods. We also take the time to thoroughly remove any contaminants from the rug fibers, as well as prepare the fibers for the cleaning process using a pre-conditioning treatment. From there, we focus on removing any stains that might be present and caring for the fringe. In the end, our attention to detail provides you with excellent results and a rug that looks fresh and new.

If you’re interested in oriental rug cleaning in the Dothan area, contact our team today. We’ll pick up your rug, take it to our in-house cleaning facility, and deliver it back to you once the process is complete.

At Veterans Cleaning Solutions LLC, we offer oriental rug cleaning services in Dothan, Enterprise, New Brockton, Elba, Andalusia, Opp, Geneva, Hartford, Fort Novosel, and Daleville, Alabama.