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Living is the South is wonderful. However, the high humidity and abundance of rain can help Mother Nature turn your business or home into a “Little House of Black Bacteria Horror!” This week, let’s talk about neglecting the bacteria Gloeocapsa Magma, or what is referred to as “black bacteria.”

softwashing solution

Certified Exterior Cleaning Technician Jack Burress sprays a softwashing solution on the roof to kill and clean off the Gloeocapsa Magma bacteria, which cover the entire house.

get rid of bacteria

Black bacteria like to grow everywhere and especially like to greet guests coming to your front door.

The Gloeocapsa Magma bacteria love living here in the humid Wiregrass area. They can be found growing everywhere: on roofs, concrete driveways and walkways, all sorts of painted surfaces, stucco, vinyl, brickwork, fencing, decks, pool equipment, and other surfaces. If ignored, they are going to thrive and flourish, and on roofs and wooden surfaces, they can lead to rot and costly repairs.

SoftWash SystemsRecently, we helped a retired Army veteran to be victorious in his fight to win back his home from a major Gloeocapsa Magma invasion after getting his rescue call. Instead of using the outdated and potentially damaging old pressure washing method, we explained using the proven SoftWash Systems cleaning method. Softwashing is a low-pressure-applied cleaning solution that quickly kills bacteria, algae, and mold, while lifting dirt, grime, and other residue off of surfaces. You can actually see the surface get clean before your eyes.

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residential softwashing

This poor house had black bacteria growing everywhere on all surfaces. Softwashing quickly cleaned and sanitized the front door and the rest of the entryway.

Our technician first provided gutter cleaning around the roof. Then he cleaned the roof with a special application of the softwash cleaning solution to kill and dissolve various mold and algae growths. After the roof, the four sides of the home received a softwash cleaning and finished with a fresh water rinse. Now the roof and whole house look amazing and nearly new again, clean and free from the horror of Gloeocapsa Magma!

exterior house washing

It’s hard to believe, but this home was repainted two years earlier. After softwashing, it almost looks freshly painted again.


The Benefits of Softwashing:

  • Safely cleans and sanitizes surfaces
  • Near instant results and takes less time
  • Eco-friendly and vegetation safe
  • No polluting gas-driven engine or loud noises
  • Saves water — uses about 1/10th less water than pressure washers
  • Helps inhibit future mold and algae growth
  • Cleans hard-to-reach areas and delicate surfaces
  • Doesn’t strip painted surfaces like pressure washing
  • Avoids pressure washer-induced damage
  • Continues to clean concrete surfaces after application
home softwashing process

The before photo of the nasty black bacteria covering the front siding, eaves and trim. Here, exterior cleaning technician Jack Burress inspects the home after the softwashing process.

Many local Enterprise and Wiregrass-area leading real estate brokers and homeowner associations recommend us exclusively to their clients and members. Our softwashing method is so good, we were voted again in 2022 as the Enterprise Ledger’s Best of Coffee County for “Best Roof and Exterior Cleaning Company.”

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amazing cleaning results

Before and after the softwash cleaning – truly amazing results!


What a satisfied customer says…

“A HUGE thank you to Veterans Cleaning Solutions for cleaning up the front of our building, windows and our sign!”

–Tamara Gilgenast with Concrete In-Counters, Enterprise


The Magic of SoftWash Cleaning

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