How Using The Seal Protects Consumer Safety

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The Seal works to ensure the safety of all consumers. When a technician comes to your home, you will first recognize their badge. It will identify the employee with their photograph and name. The Seal brand ensures the person has had a complete background check to verify they have no violent crimes on their record.

How Using The Seal Protects Consumer Safety

Savvy consumers look for The Seal badge on all technicians who come to their homes. The Seal emblem ensures the company behind it abides by the rules of the 4 Ps: People, Pets, Property, and Priority! It’s a pledge not to put our customers, their pets, property, or the planet in harm’s way.

Are All Necessary Background Checks Performed?

The Seal performs all necessary screening and identification steps to ensure the consumer’s safety, performing background checks through the national criminal and sex offender database, checking DMV records, and performing drug screening. The identification badge issued by The Seal gives the consumer assurance in knowing background checks have been done and cleared.

These background checks ensure consumer protection because many criminals find potential victims through employment. Both small and large companies run the risk of hiring potentially dangerous felons every day. The Seal ensures these criminals are not introduced into your life unexpectedly. Consumers often have the misconception that as long as someone is home when the technician is present, they are safe. Most crimes occur as long as six months after the service call date. This statistic is reduced with The Seal’s promise and guarantee of protection and safety.

To ensure consumer assets and protection, The Seal inspires security and confidence for those using the service.

A Bonded & Insured Company

Consumers must know that a company has been completely bonded, licensed, and insured, as claimed.

  • A licensed company protects the consumer in cases where a technician may be injured on the job.
  • Bonded, licensed, and insured companies protect the assets of the consumer from expensive fines.
  • Consumer trust must be earned by creating a feeling of confidence and security. Trust is more than a word or promise. Home service companies use it as an asset to establish long-term relationships with consumers. A provider of home services can escalate their business with consumer trust, resulting in heightened confidence and security.

Instilling Consumer Confidence

The Seal ensures a safe experience whenever the consumer invites a technician inside their home. One of the main priorities a contractor has is to ensure the security and safety of all consumers. A badge issued by The Seal instills this feeling of confidence and security every time the consumer sees it displayed on a technician.

Use of Third-Party Verification

The Seal uses a third-party system to verify companies’ insurance and licensing. Good companies distinguish themselves in a verifiable and meaningful way. Consumers trust The Seal to improve rates and make employee background checks necessary for scheduling and sales procedures.

The Seal is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Good Stewards Program. These programs enforce the four Ps (people, pets, property, and priority).

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